Prononciation: [ukamiɲu]
sm: abreviation of the brazilian portuguese “o caminho” : the path, the way.



I remember the words of that great soul I met “accidentally” on his paradise island in the Philippines. He invited me for dinner that night, in his luxurious beach front hotel in order to celebrate serendipity:
“What you love to do, defines your purpose in life, because you are good at it and because this is where you put all your passion”. I guess companies are like the individuals that make them. There is no path to hapiness, Hapiness is the path….

Okmno Limited Founder

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Statement of Purpose

Logo Compo Square Brown Gold effectOkmno is a firm with a light, portable and flexible structure. Okmno has been operating within the food, the automotive and the sports industry since its foundation in 2006.

The Food industry

Okmno focuses on the distribution of western products in China. Okmno is the current exclusive candy licensee of King’s famous Candy Crush brand in China, In 2014, Okmno also signed an equity partnership with Riiihan (Brand: 3kings. www.3-kings.cn), a fast growing pick and mix retail chain in China with over 100 point of sales 100% dedicated to European and western products.

The Automotive industry
In 2013, Okmno launched Aurauto (www.aurauto.com) its innovative car accessories brand. The flagship product is the Snowsock™ that won the 2012 Pop Mech innovation award at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. More innovative products are in the pipeline including Scoover™, Tankey™, Xtra Fuel™ or Right PSI™. Okmno has a global network of distribution.

The Sports industry
Okmno launched Padel Europe (www.padeleurope.com) in 2009 with the aim to promote and develop padel in Europe. The development of Padel Europe led us to think about a new project we are excited to launch in September 2014: Setteo (www.setteo.com). Setteo is the first racket sports global social network. Setteo is the perfect way for to match our strategic will to gradually shift part of our business towards the internet and the new emerging industries (i.e. data base) but also to keep being moved by our passion.


Our People

Logo Compo Square Brown Gold effectOkmno people are the most important asset of the company. They have different backgrounds: cultural, academic, social and emotional. They also come from different industries and occupied different positions within organizations whether multinational, governmental or small and medium businesses. Most have been trained in some of the best universities worldwide but we also believe in the pragmatism of life itself as one of the best school that exists. We do believe for instance in the capacity of former professional athletes and coaches to create change, value and growth within organizations. Beyond all these differences, Okmno people share and respect standard business ethics and core company values: simplicity, integrity and trust.