Logo Compo Square Brown Gold effectOkmno supports schools of art, talents and education in the third world and developing countries. We offer a selection of original master pieces from talented artists we met during our missions.

Okmno has a natural attraction for social development and responsibility; sustainability and fair trade. This is not just about what we do; this is also about how we do things and why.Art is all about HOWs and WHYs. It opens our mind and reminds us that beyond any partnership there are people. Art is also a fantastic way to promote our core values: simplicity, integrity, trust. As actors of globalization and change we can’t dream of a better friend…

Click here if you want further information about our involvement or if you want to buy some pieces and supports talent and education in the third world.


Dimensions: 89x116cm   Dimensions: 90x50cm   Dimensions: 70x70cm   Dimensions: 70x110cm   Dimensions: 50x50cm   Dimensions: 90x90cm   Dimensions: 100x120cm   Dimensions: 100x100cm