Okmno launches Scoover™

OKMNO LTD launches SCOOVER™ the ultimate seat cover for scooters. SCOOVER™ will be a new add to the line of OKMNO’s automotive innovative accessories brand: AURAUTO™.

SCOOVER™ will first be launched in Europe on May 1st, in its “universal 2 sizes fit-all” version. The plan includes to expand the distribution worldwide building a solid network of local distributors in Asia, and North America while Nova-Rank SL will insure the distribution in Europe and South America from Barcelona, Spain.

Like most AURAUTO’s products, SCOOVER™ is patented and 100% made in Spain, respecting the highest standards of quality.

SCOOVER™ adjusts to the seat like a second skin thanks to its patented specific design. Once installed it looks like if it was the original seat cover of your scooter. SCOOVER™ is very easy to install and remove. It is waterproof and has anti-robbery features. You can leave it on the scooter when parked. SCOOVER™ is very useful for protecting your seat from extreme weather conditions… You can also use it to give a new life to your seat, whether it is damaged by the rain, the sun or if it is cut-off. SCOOVER™ will delight users with beautiful cosmetics and designs.

See also: www.okmno.comwww.aurauto.comwww.aurauto.com/products/scoover/


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