Logo Compo Square Brown Gold effectIn order to satisfy our client’s needs and respond to the growing demand for shortening the distribution chain, we developed our own logistics capabilities. Okmno currently distributes directly or through joint venture in Europe, China and Russia, within the food, the sports and the automotive industries. Okmno recently created brands within these industries with strategic market positioning.

Our approach

The philosophy of our distribution business respects our company’s statement of mission. we operate with a maximum flexibility and mobility. We permanently adapt to our stakeholders needs and to the changes of today’s business world. We literally tailor made our logistics choosing the best partners for each one of our distribution business. By doing so, we minimize our fixed costs and reduce the distance in between our suppliers and customers/consumers. We want to make sure that all our resources are invested efficiently into the business, creating value sustainably and for all. We understand the impact of our distribution activity on the environment. The flexibility we have helps us limiting this effect. We permanently assess our partners accordingly trying to integrate more and more “green” considerations on the table of negotiation…